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Sponsored By Roseburg

The Forest Lea Trails are becoming widely recognized as the best technical singletrack system in Eastern Ontario, with a total of 32k of the marked trail. The FL Enduro is a trail-focused event to celebrate the Forest Lea Trails and raise funds for maintenance and development.

Participants must be self-sufficient for water and food. There is only emergency help on the trail from marshals. One water station will be at the halfway point of the 25k loop, there will be no water on the 10k loop. All race routes will be marked with coloured arrows the day before the event.

Mtn biking can be dangerous—all riders must wear a helmet, have an appropriate bike, and take responsibility for their own safety! Enduro participants will be required to sign a waiver form when they register online.

Forest Lea Enduro register graphic DATE: Sunday, August 13th
TIME: Depends on the length of race signed up for 
LOCATION: Forest Lea Trails (1846 Forest Lea Rd / the end of Forest Lea Rd), Laurentian Valley
COST: Depends on the race signed up for. $75 - $65 kids race FREE
Price includes participant meal, t-shirt, and any event swag

REGISTRATION: Link to Race Roster for 2023 Forest Lea Enduro

The Forest Lea Enduro is a historical race that has taken place for years through the Forest Lea Trails. These trails are renowned in the region for being some of the best riding around. Technical riding mixed with some fast-paced runs and corners. The trails welcome you to a day of exploring the forest in our own backyard. Push yourself while you enjoy the nature of Forest Lea and end the day with some lunch and celebrations.

Over the years, the Forest Lea Enduro has been hosted 15 times and attracted riders from throughout Ontario. During the week of the Water and Dirt Festival, the Enduro will have registration once again. We welcome all to come and test their skills on regionally renowned singletrack mountain bike trails. Push your pace, ride those lines, shift those gears; see you at the finish, ready for a celebration!

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